Celebrating 10 years of strong growth

We are a privately owned telecommunications company headquartered in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.
Providing Voice & Signalling solutions since 2007

Our core business is Wholesale Voice.

Our vast and varied expertise and our meticulous understanding of the different regional markets makes us the ideal partner if you are looking to expand your services.

We have also successfully delivered Messaging solutions, roaming solutions, calling card and call-back systems, VoIP services, voicemail servers, automated voice and interop testing tools, reporting, billing and revenue assurance systems to a wide selection of customers.

  • Wholesale Voice Exchange

    Preimum, Retail and Wholesale routing

  • Retail & Business Voice

    Solutions for business and residential users

  • Consultancy and Solutions

    Software tools and full NGN deployments

  • Value Added

    Connectivity, Messaging and Signalling backhaul

Our Management Team

Over half a century of core telecom expertise within our senior management
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Santosh is the founder of 9Eons. He has over 20 years of core telecom experience. With his unique expertise in developing software tools, he was able to give his team the right tools that does the job far better than off-the-shelf products. This has greatly helped 9Eons to be a proactive and dynamic company with consistent growth year on year.
Kavitha Dathen
Kavitha Dathen
Head of Operations
Kavitha has been the Head of Operations since 2009 and is responsible for the day to day operations of 9Eons. She has a background in database management, warehousing and programming and has previously worked in telecoms, health care and insurance industries
Mohammad Mokdad
Mohammad Mokdad
Regional Director – Middle East
Mohammad joined 9Eons in late 2012 and was soon promoted to the role of Regional Director for Middle East. With over 10 years in telecoms, a strong technical background and thorough understanding of the telecoms wholesale market, he leads the Middle Eastern wholesale voice market with ease.

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