Choosing the right consultants is a nightmare. How do you verify that they know their stuff? Are they being coaxed by manufacturers to push their products? When will they deliver?
Why choose us for this critical process?
Impartial, vendor-independent, technology, and trend-driven advice. Guaranteed.
We have demonstrated success in propelling our customers to market dominance through our thorough regional market intelligence, meticulous planning, and years of experience helping you set the trend in a competitive market.
We offer full support : from the design phase all the way through to implementation support with full project management if you need it! From building full blown NGNs to micro POPs or ISPs.
Our Expertise include

  • Revenue generation through simple add-on services
  • Engineering better network efficiency
  • QoS and Network Trouble Shooting
  • Fraud Detection and prevention
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • New network rollouts