Is Internet Service a luxury or a utility such as electricity or heating? Most people in the developed world take superfast access for granted but its still a privilage for a third of the worlds population!
What can 9Eons offer ISPs?
Our throughput accelarators are designed to ensure instant connections over high latency satellite circuits. Combined with a suite of super caches that automatically pre-fetch links on the most used pages, you are guaranteed to give a much better internet experience to your customer.
Our tried & tested technology and expertise in design, implementation of routers, firewalls and filters, mail servers, proxys, caches, bandwidth controllers etc ensure that you can deliver reliable highspeed internet feed in the remotest parts of the world with the smallest outlay.
Why 9Eons ?

  • Full suite of products to tackle high latency satellite links.
  • Proven expertise in deploying and managing large ISPs.
  • Wide range of Value Added services to attract customers.
  • Multi-Homed Internet feeds with 4Nine uptime guarantee.
  • SuperCache with pre-fetch can speeds up access for all ISPs