In today’s world, you are bound to be inundated with sales calls offering cheaper international calls, all inclusive packages etc. Unfortunately many have been left scarred for life by the experience of false billing, hidden charges and what not and stick to the exorbitant charges from your local provider. We all know that the Minutes they claim on their promotions are definitely not earth minutes but that of Mercury..runs 10 times faster!
What’s different about 9Eons service?
Absolutely no hidden charges. Just pay for the call in per second increments. Plus there is a 100% talk time guarantee and real time call records to verify your charges.
We do not sell in shops and hence are able to pass on the savings and protect you from the crazy world of calling cards.

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Our Guarantee

  • 100% Talktime on calls. Never loose a minute
  • Real Time call records
  • User friendly account management.
  • Absolutely no hidden charges. Guaranteed.
  • Features like Speed Dial,Pin4Life, PinLess access etc.