Mobile penetration has far surpassed expectations especially in developing areas of the world. The ubiquity of wireless networks and the ever improving range of services such as 3G, 4G, HSDPA, MPay will undoubtedly propel mobile take up even further in the coming few years.

The sheer number of new mobile companies that are born each year is itself a sure sign of a healthy industry. However this means that every operator must compete aggressively for the valued customer by offering better services and greater value for money.
9Eons currently provides services to several household names in the MNO sector, offering them reliable Caller ID and Roaming guaranteed routes, setting up value added services like voicemail servers, SMS/MMS servers, billing solutions, fraud trackers and service availability monitors.
9Eons can help you to…

  • VoIP Enable your International Trunks.
  • Optimize your International Bandwidth Utilization
  • Benefit from International wholesale termination rates
  • Leverage your regional interconnects
  • Offer quick return advanced VANS services
  • SMS/MMS,Roaming,VoiceMail : Enable your network and customers.