Through out the world, people depend on landline phones for their reliability, better call quality and the flexibility to even operate in areas where there are power problems. Customers love the “It Just Works” factor about land lines.

Fixed line operators who traditionally depended on circuit switched networks are now migrating their international trunks to VoIP services to benefit from the high efficiency and lower costs. More than 60% of worlds traffic now runs through VoIP and this is expected to climb steadily.
9Eons has helped fixed line operators regain market dominance by offering reliable Caller ID and Roaming guaranteed routes, offer value added services like voicemail servers and offering value added services.
9Eons can help you to…

  • VoIP Enable your International Trunks.
  • Optimize your International Bandwidth Utilization.
  • Benefit from International wholesale termination rates.
  • Leverage your regional interconnects.
  • Offer quick return VAS services to your customers such as IVRs and customizable Voicemails.