Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) are the new generation of voice service providers who are keen to utilize the Internet as a means to lower the cost of voice communications.

Following the recent boom of the Asterisk and other open source PBX solutions, a lot of enterprises and individuals have migrated their calls over to IP and are always looking for good quality, cheap routes for their IP phones or PC based soft phones.
9Eons currently powers the networks of several new and emerging ITSPs around the globe, offering them direct access to reliable routes with easy pay as you use options so that they can focus on building their customer base without the worry about costs and with the confidence of quality and reliability.
Why 9Eons?

  • Per Second Billing and access to wholesale and premium routing.
  • Multi-homed Tier1 Internet peering ensure voice quality
  • G723, G729 and G711 codecs supported with hardware transcoding.
  • DID origination over IP.
  • SIP, H323 and IAX2 trunks.